Thursday, July 30, 2009

Race still an Issue?


Ironically, the man who put an end to racism (Barack Obama), has flamed the country by pointing out racism. Is race still an issue? If so, why does Obama immediately take the side of his black friend? Is he not also white? Shouldn't he be backing the law enforcement of his country before he publicly supports a college professor? It seems things are twisted and backwards in this classy game of "He-said-she-said". Obama knows he screwed up, and when all else fails, invite both parties to the white house for a beer. There is no better way of handling racist issues by intoxicating both parties at the most notable house in the United States. John McCain sure could not have come up with ideas that magnificent.

Kommon Cense divulges into the true issues behind this problem.


Why is the President getting involved in a small domestic affair?
It bothers us here at Kommon Cense to know that the President that is facing a failing economy, evil regimes obtaining and creating nuclear weapons, jobless Americans, and encroaching socialism is mingling with a white cop arresting a black professor. Shouldn't he have more important things to be doing besides getting involved? I want to sleep at night knowing that my commander in chief is handling all the problems that America has. Obama's involvement with this minor arrest does not make me sleep any better. Surely our commander and chief has enough to keep him busy, and if not, he should just buy some more banks or dealerships.


The can of beans known as Discrimination is sealed, so why did Obama spill his own beans?
So it's like this. Abraham Lincoln gives his Amancipation Proclamation Speech. A week later, he decides to buy some slaves for his wife for her birthday. It just does not work that way! Obama needs to stay true to his own word! You would think he is a politician. Gosh.


Media, lets waste some air time!
It seems now that Michael Jackson is dead, the media needs other stories to fulfill their airtime. I think there was more coverage on the stupid Cambridge professor scuffle than there was for September 11th. When there is nothing else to talk about, the media does a great job of making a mountain out of a molehill, or in this case, a nationally acclaimed, President-intervening public hate crime out of a simple arrest. Wow.



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